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China-Focused Cases


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This book is the first anthology compiled in English by the CEIBS Case Center to promote China-focused cases worldwide. Included are ten of twenty six award-winning cases from the Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases during 2015 to 2017: these works exemplify the quality of effective business cases and share stories of China to the world. Each of the ten cases has a defining feature. Some cases, with a focus on user demand, analyze how companies build their core competence (e.g., Haidilao Hot-Pot and OnePlus Mobile Phone), while others present an array of business innovations in the era of new retail, e-commerce, and the sharing economy (e.g., SF Express, Jinhuobao, ofo, FamilyMart, and Handu Apparel). Some describe Chinese companies' operations in the overseas market (e.g., Huawei and TECNO), and others depict how foreign companies adapt to the Chinese market in a unique way (e.g., Starbucks). These cases were drawn from Chinese and overseas business schools. The book helps bridge the gap between the world management community's interest in China and the limited availability of China-focused management cases. We hope this collection of select cases will prove valuable and informative for our readers.






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