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Ecological Study and Allelopathic Potential of Some Species of Genus Brassica


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This book deals with the study of the floristic features including record of the plant species associated with some selected Brassica taxa, life-span, life-form and chlorological affinities of the plant species in the Nile Delta of Egypt. It also illustrates the quantitative analysis for the studied Brassica communities in the study area by using multivariate analysis (classification and ordination) as well as it shows the analyses of edaphic variables to determine the main factors controlling the abundance and distribution of the chosen Brassica spp. and their associates in the study area. Economically, this book exhibits phytochemical analysis for the selected Brassica spp. by studying primary compounds, bioactive secondary compounds and antioxidant activity as well as the allelopathic potentiality of the studied Brassica spp. against each of Portulaca oleracea and Echinochlae crus-galli.






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