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Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work


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The second edition of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Social Work continues to bridge the gap between social work research and clinical practice, presenting EBP as both an effective approach to social work and a broader social movement. Building on the models and insights outlined in the first edition, this new edition provides updated research and additional case studies addressing relevant issues such as trauma treatment and opioid dependence. Drawing on their multidisciplinary experience as practitioners, researchers, and educators, the authors guide readers through the steps of the EBP decision-making process in assessment, treatment planning, and evaluation. The book places special emphasis on balancing clinical expertise, research results, and client needs, and analyzes both the strengths and limitations of the EBP model in order to give readers a more complete idea of how the method will shape their own practice.In addition, this practice-building reference: Introduces core principles of EBP and details its processes in social work Features guidelines for engaging clients in EBP and transmitting research findings Offers a range of case examples demonstrating EBP with diverse clients Addresses education and supervision issues and related controversies Includes an expanded glossary and valuable resources for use in evidencebased practice EvidenceBased Practice in Clinical Social Work is a practical resource for clinical social work professionals and educators that broadens the field and expands the healing possibilities for the profession.






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