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In vitro studies and phytochemical evaluation of Bidens biternata


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Bidens biternata (Lour.) Merr. & Sheriff, belongs to the family Asteraceae, is used as a leafy vegetable by tribes of Waynadu Districts in Kerala and also to cure hepatitis, cold, cough, dysentery, asthma etc. Since current practices of harvesting are unsustainable micro propagation was tried in B. biternata. Nutritional, antinutritional and antioxidant factors were analyzed and medicinal properties like antiinflammatory, hepatoprotective and anticancer activity were also evaluated. This book focus on evaluation of nutritional factors and identification, structural elucidation, in vitro production, as well as elicitation of the bioactive molecule that might be responsible for the medicinal properties of B. biternata, since the plant possess a tremendous antioxidant, antiinflammatory, hepatoprotective and anticancer potential which may help the people around the globe to overcome nutritional deficiency problems and fight the deadly diseases of modern society.






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