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Managing timber exploitation using Decision Support Systems (DSS)


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Computer software assist in controlling illegal timber exploitation. In this study, the KatLog Pro monitoring software was developed to investigate respect of felling restrictions on timber number, volume, diameter, and traceability from forest to final destination. Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) and Conventional Harvesting (CH) were evaluated using a RIL classification that was developed. To assess felling domino damage, 304 cut trees were sampled. Results showed that 13 species were logged beyond their number and volume limits, 19 species were logged below their harvestable diameters, and timber was traced to their final destination using the online traceability component. None of the concession holders implemented RIL, leading to higher domino damage, worsened as 80.4% of affected trees were future trees earmarked for the next harvest, and the damage was mostly severe (60% of all affected trees). KatLog Pro and the RIL classification shall promote sustainable timber exploitation, fostering conservation of forest resources.






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