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Natural Gas Hydrate Management in Deepwater Gas Well


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This book chiefly describes the theories and technologies for natural gas hydrate management in deepwater gas wells. It systematically explores the mechanisms of hydrate formation, migration, deposition and blockage in multiphase flow in gas-dominated systems; constructs a multiphase flow model of multi-component systems for wells that takes into account hydrate phase transition; reveals the influence of hydrate phase transition on multiphase flows, and puts forward a creative hydrate blockage management method based on hydrate blockage free window (HBFW), which enormously improves the hydrate prevention effect in deepwater wells. The book combines essential theories and industrial technology practice to facilitate a deeper understanding of approaches to and technologies for hydrate management in deepwater wells, and provides guidance on operation design. Accordingly, it represents a valuable reference guide for both researchers and graduate students working in oil and gas engineering, offshore oil and gas engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, as well as technical staff in the fields of deepwater oil and gas drilling, development, and flow assurance.






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