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Nutrigenomics: How Science Works


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Prof. Carsten Carlberg: Professor for biochemistry at the School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedicine at the University of Eastern Finland. The main research interests of Prof. Carlberg are (epi)genomics of nuclear receptors and their ligands with special focus on vitamin D. So far he published more than 190 papers (H-index 50). Since 2003 he is lecturing yearly the course "Nutrigenomics", which is the basis of this textbook. Together with Dr. Molnár he also published the Springer textbook "Mechanisms of gene regulation". Prof. Stine Marie Ulven: Professor at the Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences at the University of Oslo (Norway). The main research interests of Prof. Ulven are human dietary intervention studies and diet-gene interactions with particular focus on the role of dietary fat in prevention of chronic diseases. She has in total published 43 papers (H-index of 18). Prof. Ferdinand Molnár: Associate Professor of Biology at the School of Sciences and Humanities, Department of Biology at the Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. The main research interests of Prof. Molnár are integrative structural biology and bioinformatics, eukaryotic transcriptional regulation in health and disease, and recombinant protein production. He has published 30 papers (H-index 19) on the molecular structure of nuclear receptor proteins and their natural and synthetic ligands. Together with Prof. Carlberg he published Springer textbooks on "Mechanisms of gene regulation", "Nutrigenomics" and "Epigenomics".






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