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Prints Among Men


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From suits to socks, tuxedos to ties, this is an utterly unique and visually exciting look at how fashionable men have been rocking polka dots, plaids, and paisley at home, at work, and at play throughout history and across the globe. Nothing embraces the post-Covid aesthetic like a good print, and as gender-specific rules become increasingly irrelevant, today's men are flaunting colorful patterns as proudly as ever before. This engaging and well-researched book brilliantly traces today's eye-popping prints and embellished fashions from their historical origins. In dazzlingly illustrated chapters that focus on one specific type of print, Kit Neale trace the historical and geographical origins of contemporary trends. As multifaceted as its subject matter, the book examines floral and animal themes, camouflage and paisley, geometrics and type, even storytelling and photography-all with a wide range of relevant imagery, art and cultural history, celebrity images and fashion editorials. Whether your sartorial taste is safe or sparkly, you'll find inspiration and insight on every page.






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