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Securing the 'Rice Bowl'


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This book offers a snappy but comprehensive investigation of how the resource needs of today could become the resource conflicts of tomorrow. As the most populous country in the world, the security of China's "rice bowl" is not only a top political priority for China's policymakers but increasingly a critical global concern as the country emerges as a leading food importer and a major player in outward agricultural investment. This book sheds light on China's efforts, both at home and abroad, to safeguard its food security and how these efforts will affect global food systems. This book will be of interest to industry analysts, institutional investors, and scholars of China's global rise. Hongzhou Zhang is a Research Fellow with the China Programme at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His latest publications include China and Transboundary Water Politics in Asia (2017) and the China's Global Quest for Resources: Energy, Food and Water (2016). In addition, he has contributed papers to peer-reviewed journals such as the Global Policy, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Marine Policy, Pacific Review, WIREs Water, International Journal of Water Resources Development, the Copenhagen Journal of Asia Studies, Harvard Asia Quarterly, the ISPI Analysis, and Southeast Asia Studies.






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