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Unconventional Tight Reservoir Simulation: Theory, Technology and Practice


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This book systematically introduces the simulation theory and techniques of multiple media for unconventional tight reservoirs. It summarizes the macro/microscopic heterogeneities, the features of multiscale multiple media, the characteristics of complex fluid properties and occurrence state of continental tight oil and gas reservoirs in China, and the complex flow characteristics and coupled production mechanism under unconventional development patterns. It introduces intensively the simulation theory of multiple media for unconventional tight oil and gas reservoirs, mathematic model of flow through discontinuous multiple media, geological modeling of discrete multiscale multiple media, simulation of multiscale, multiphase flow regimes and multiple media. In addition to practical application of simulation and software for unconventional tight oil and gas it also explores development tendency and prospects of simulation technology.The book will be of interest to scientific researchers and technicians engaged in the development of oil and gas reservoirs, and serves as a reference for advanced graduate students in the petroleum area.






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