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Women in Microelectronics


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This book contains stories of women engineers' paths through the golden age of microelectronics, stemming from the invention of the transistor in 1947. These stories, like the biographies of Marie Curie and the National Geographic's stories of Jane Goodall's research that inspired the authors will inspire and guide readers along unconventional pathways to contributions to microelectronics that we can only begin to imagine. The book explores why and how the women writing here chose their career paths and how they navigated their careers. This topic is of interest to a vast audience, from students to professionals to university advisers to industry CEOs, who can imagine the advantages of a future with a diverse work force. Provides insight into women's early contributions to the field of microelectronics and celebrates the challenges they overcame; Presents compelling innovations from academia, research, and industry into advances, applications, and the future of microelectronics; Includes a fascinating look into topics such as nanotechnologies, video games, analog electronics, design automation, and neuromorphic circuits.






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