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ACOSTA DANZA. FUSION. The Vision of Carlos Acosta's Dance Company


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Taking readers behind the scenes of one of the worlds most exciting dance companies, this richly illustrated book also tells the incredible back story of its famed creator and his brilliant vision to weave Cuban culture and history into classical and contemporary dance. As a troubled teenager, Carlos Acosta was whisked off the streets of his native Havana and enrolled in the Cuban national ballet. From that time on he has emerged as one of the most influential dancers of the twenty-first century. Throughout his career, Acosta has striven to shine an international light on his homelands rich cultural traditions, while also exposing Cuba to choreographic innovations happening around the globe. With this aim, Acosta established ACOSTA DANZA in 2015. More than five years later the troupe continues to perform to rapturous accolades, both for the exceptional quality of its Cuban dancers and for its mission to highlight Cuban-influenced music and set design. Filled with more than 150 photographs, many never-beforepublished, this book gives voice to the astonishingly diverse collection of dancers and choreographers, whose sensuous vitality and technical skill jump off the pagetheir experiences on and off the stage, their dreams and strategies, their emotions and challenges. In a deeply personal interview, Acosta himself shares a vision for giving young Cuban dancers the opportunities to express themselves creatively, and to give back to a country and community that gave so much to him.






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