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Alexandria. Architectural Guide


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Founded by Alexander the Great in 332 BCE, ­Alexandria was once the largest city in the ancient world. It has had an eventful past: it was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was occupied by various foreign powers, and has long been a key port. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Egypts second largest city is today a popular holiday destination. This book, the first comprehensive guide to the citys archi­tecture, traces how the ebbs and flows of history and diverse cultures have left their marks on ­Alexandria. It covers every­thing from classical ruins and Ottoman fortifications to a ­Venetian Gothic hotel and Snøhettas modern ­Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It also highlights edifices off the beaten path, such as the Cotton ­Palace ­T­ower, a sky­scraper intended for use as the headquarters of the countrys cotton industry but inexplicably abandoned before completion. Structured around five main routes, the publication serves as a user-friendly guide for exploring the citys wealth of buildings. Its knowledgeable authors, from the Architecture departments at ­Alexandria University, furnish readers with enlightening in­for­ma­tion from multi­ple perspectives, building up a clear picture of a multi-­layered city.