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Buzzworthy. Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats.

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The author of "Free the Tipple" is back with another collection of delectable cocktailsthis time a literary mix inspired by the worlds most iconic women writers. The 50 recipes in this volume are as unconventional, imaginative, and refreshing as the authors that inspired them. Each double-page spread includes an illustration of one important woman writer along with fascinating background about her oeuvre, personality, and points of literary distinction. And, of course, each profile is paired with a delicious recipe for a fitting cocktail. Pulling from every categoryliterary and genre fiction, poetry, graphic novels, essays and nonfictionthis book offers some surprising twists as well as old favorites. And while each subject could provide hours of cocktail chatter, the recipes themselves are also a unique conversation starter: the Virginia Woolfa peach-and-mint creation with a modernist flair; the Octavia Butleran uncompromising blend featuring bourbon and port; the Jia Tolentinoa purple sparkler that puts a cerebral twist on pop culture; and the Mary Shelleyan unexpected combination of the Manhattan and the Margarita. Perfect for literary-themed parties as well as intimate gatherings, this book itself is an intoxicating, lip-loosening brew made of equal parts sophistication and fun.


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