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Contracts in English


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The advantages at a glance - General overview of the main contract types in common law Written in Plain English Clear guidelines for drafting Support in avoiding typical mistakes and using "false friends" Explanations of the main developments in case law authoritiesTemplates Contracts & Clauses The new edition - deals with the contractual impacts of Brexit, COVID, boycotts, sanctions, supply shortages, price fluctuations, inflation, war and the reorganisation of global supply chains contains new template boilerplates and contracts to promote flexibility and better management of risk exposure compares aspects of English law and German law in more depth has references in text to Legal English glossary with essential terminology updates key legislation and conventions in the field of contracts The target group The book is intended for lawyers, those legally-trained as well as for lay people who come into contact with and need to use contracts in a commercial setting. Because of the comparision of German and English legal terminology, it would also be very useful as a guide for specialist legal translators.






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