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Moon. Architectural Guide


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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, this book for the first time ever looks at the artifacts left behind on the moon from the per­spective of architecture. The book looks at every single mission - manned and un­manned - that has actually landed on the moon. It covers the time of the begin­ning of the Soviet and American space race with the landing of Luna 2 in 1959, to the present with Chinas Change 3 moon rover. This architectural guide differenti­ates itself from other scientific and edu­cational books through its abstract ap­proach to the topic of architecture on the moon. The content does not fea­ture science fiction, but rather the ques­tion of what exists and what implications these bizarre structures hold for the fu­ture of architecture on other planets - as these topics are quite pertinent in to­days world of the commercialization of spaceflight, with SpaceX and NASA plan­ning to take humans to Mars in the next 15 years. The guide brings together au­thors both from the East and the West. Contributors on the Russian side include Galina Balashova, the famous architect of the Soviet space program, and the ex­pert Alexander Glushko, son of the de­ceased chief engineer of the Soviet space program, Valentin Glushko. Fur­ther contributions by Evangelos Kotsioris (MoMA), Brian Harvey (China), Gurbir Singh (India), and Olga Bannova (Univer­sity of Houston).