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Ikarus Invites The World's Best Chefs. Exceptional Recipes and International Chefs in Portrait: Volume 8

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Spearheading a new style of hospitality, each month Restaurant Ikarus lets a different international star chef take over its kitchen. Responsible for the individual design of the menu whether it is fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy, or a style synonymous with their homeland, innovation, and personal flair are the key ingredients. Under a dazzling ceiling made from almost 2,000 panes of glass inside Salzburg's Hangar-7, these culinary masters are reaching for the stars. Ikarus Invites the World's Best Chefs document's the journey towards the plate, explaining how the talented teams involved rise to the challenge and passionately recreate these bespoke menus. A sizzling mix of personal commentaries and processes which pave the way to perfection, this book grants an invitation to the top table.


Ungelesenes Mängelexemplar mit kleineren Beschädigungen durch Lagerung und Transport; inhaltlich unversehrt! Mit Mängelstempel auf unterem Buchschnitt gekennzeichnet.